Increase your confidence, expand your capability

Aplio a-series’ suite of advanced imaging and quantification functions provides the metrics to help you quickly diagnose with confidence. Combined with tools for early detection and reliable characterization of lesions can help you optimize your patients’ clinical pathway.

The system’s comprehensive strain elastography suite with raw data functionality assists you in localizing and assessing palpable masses with high accuracy, sensitivity and reproducibility.

Aplio’s shear wave technology provides a quantitative measure and realtime display of tissue elasticity in a variety of clinical settings. Smart Maps help you visually assess propagation and the quality of an elastogram.

Aplio’s comprehensive CEUS imaging and quantification package allows you to assess perfusion dynamics in a wide range of clinical settings, including an ample variety of specialized exams.

Smart Fusion merges realtime ultrasound with previously acquired CT, MR or ultrasound data, allowing you to identify and compare lesions with ease and to navigate complex anatomy confidently.

Better intercostal access

Aplio’s thin convex transducers are ideally suited for intercostal scanning. The new biopsy attachment with minimized blind area and selectable puncture angle facilitates optimal puncture conditions for each patient.

Exceptional detail for a more precise diagnosis

Both the busy clinician and the patient can benefit from high-resolution 2D imaging and volumetric ultrasound. Aplio’s comprehensive volume imaging suite extends your diagnostic capabilities into the next dimension of imaging with extraordinary image quality and uncompromised workflow.

A wide range of MultiView options provides high-resolution cross sections, helping you to better understand anatomical relationships or the extent of a given lesion.

Aplio provides superior spatial resolution color Doppler imaging to reveal minute flow patterns with unprecedented accuracy and detail at high frame rates, while maintaining the full B-mode image quality.

Luminance offers natural-looking 3D renderings of high quality and definition, providing strong visual feedback on depth and detail from the first trimester onwards.

Accurate quantification, regional myocardial function

Functional assessment is at the heart of cardiovascular imaging. By providing valuable additional information in easy-to-understand visual, parametric or quantitative formats, Aplio’s advanced clinical functions can help you get your diagnostic answer faster and more reliably.

Aplio’s clinical protocol assistant provides a reliable method to ensure that complex exams are done consistently patient after patient. Once activated, a clear, easy-to-read menu will guide you step by step through the entire exam.

Aplio provides you with high frame rate Tissue Doppler images and Pulsed-Wave-TDI traces for a precise timing of cardiac events in both visual and quantitative formats.

Supporting standard and user-defined protocols for both physical and pharmacological stress, Aplio offers a comprehensive package for fast and accurate wall motion assessment.

Aplio’s advanced Wall Motion Tracking technology provides immediate visual and quantitative access to global and regional myocardial wall motion dynamics.