Modular design, superior imaging

Canon Medical’s versatile digital radiography system Aceso combines outstanding image quality with clinical flexibility and high productivity for a wide range of radiographic applications. Aceso’s cost-effective, modular concept allows you to configure the system to precisely fit your room and your clinical requirements.





Smart technology helps improving your workflow

With Aceso, you’ll find convenience in every detail. The system’s ergonomic design and sophisticated autotracking technology help you improve productivity and patient throughput. The large touch screen allows you to adjust exposure settings at the patient side before and quick image preview directly after the exposure instead.

Proven image quality anywhere you need it

Aceso is powered by Canon’s next generation wireless CXDI detectors and imaging software. The ultra-lightweight, waterproof detectors with integrated battery and image storage can be used inside the system or stand-alone as needed. Canon’s NE software provides advanced post-processing and imaging management capability, so you always get the optimal result.

A flexible solution for all your imaging needs

The system’s advanced auto-positioning and tracking capability allows you to focus on your patient.

The system’s flexible OTC is designed for efficiency and optimal reach in all clinical situations.

Up to 8 detectors can be used with Aceso to provide optimal positioning and imaging flexibility, and can be shared throughout all x-ray rooms.