Meeting complex demands

Introducing Xavion, the forefront of AI-driven innovation in RF tables. Designed for optimal workflow and high patient throughput, it adapts to patient variations and exposure conditions effortlessly. With unparalleled stability and consistent image quality, Xavion sets a new standard for reliability, ensuring diagnostic excellence. The new generation RF system is suitable for use across various specialties and procedures, including Urology, Pulmonary, Tomography, Gynecology, Nephrology, Arthroscopy, Pediatrics, Angiography, Orthopedics, Accident & Emergency (A&E), and Gastrointestinal Medicine.

Unprecedented Comfort

Xavion places a premium on patient well-being, especially for elderly or disabled individuals, offering a low minimum table and stepping height. This guarantees a more comfortable and secure experience during system access or departure. The height-adjustable table, longitudinal tabletop movement, and exceptional accessibility, also from the back, facilitate smooth patient transfer for all patients.

Furthermore, Xavion, in addition to its advanced imaging capabilities, is designed for optimal comfort for both patients and users. With quiet motors and a large integrated tablet providing precise and controlled movement, Xavion is user-friendly and adaptable to diverse patient needs. Prioritizing patient comfort, Xavion’s design incorporates ambient lighting, music, and microphone options to create a tranquil examination room atmosphere.

Our solution offers seamless enhancement with optional additions such as a bucky wall stand, wireless detectors, and a ceiling-mounted tube for optimized operations. Customize your radiography suite by incorporating these features from the outset or seamlessly integrate them at any point to meet your evolving needs.

Unique Wireless detector inside

The user-friendly Canon detector, with its effortless removal process, brings added convenience to manual exposures, especially for in-bed patients or extremity examinations. Notably, cost-effectiveness is enhanced as a second detector for out-tray examinations is unnecessary. The wireless Canon detector offers true Dynamic and Static Imaging in one detector providing maximum flexibility and diagnostic accuracy in all clinical settings.

With the Xavion you will experience unparalleled cost-efficiency as a result of the integrated Canon detector, which eliminates the need for an additional detector for in-bed patients or extremity examinations. Your investment is optimized as the singular-detector setup seamlessly accommodates various imaging scenarios, even when incorporating a bucky wall stand into your solution. Maximize the value of your investment with a streamlined and efficient imaging system that caters to diverse patient needs without the necessity of additional detectors.

Powered by AI image processing

Superior image quality for digital radiography

AI-supported noise suppression, combined with simultaneous edge and contrast enhancement, creates an imaging experience like never seen before in the R/F market. The deep learning post-processing software results in exceptional clarity in both soft and dense tissue, offering healthcare professionals an invaluable tool for accurate diagnosis. Also, this innovative technology adapts dynamically to various conditions, ensuring the radiologist receives the most relevant information for diagnosis.

Benefits of the Xavion

  • Canon Wireless Dynamic Detector.
  • Effortlessly streamline your workflow with automated processes, allowing for a smoother and more efficient user experience
  • Innovative user interface, enhancing workflow and efficiency
  • Benefit from advanced technologies across the imaging chain, ensuring reduced radition doses without compromising quality, supported by robust cybersecurity measures.
  • Xavion RF Software with embedded AI-based imaging.
    • Seamless and efficient workflow that maximizes productivity
    • Innovative and intuitive dose-free patient positioning without compromising on quality
    • Superior image quality that sets new standards in diagnostic imaging