Modular imaging solutions

Vitrea Advanced Visualization is a modular viewing platform that
provides a broad range of functions with the option of adding more
functionality when you need it. We offer comprehensive toolsets that
supply physicians with information for planning procedures and treating

  • Ease of use : unified workflow and user experience
  • Increased efficiency: all the information you need to make a decision available in  one place anytime, anywhere.
  • Save time: Master big amounts of data in less time. Share images and collaborate in real time.


A one user, intuitive, multi-modality workstation increases productivity helping to optimize the time and resources needed to produce clinical results.

A three-user, multi-modality solution that increases your department workflow with a
cost-effective alternative to enterprise integration, all with minimal IT impact.

An enterprise-wide advanced visualization solution provides scalable thin client access to multi-modality clinical solutions anywhere in your medical enterprise.